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What To Expect 

What to Expect


A virtual Triple B means that you do not have to hire a babysitter, travel or even designate a driver…you just have to log in!


Many of the beloved parts of The Triple B will be available to everyone who has a computer, cell phone, tablet or TV. Note: A group of RTT techies is preparing “how-to watch” videos (check back here for updates!) and support will be available before and during the LIVESTREAM event.


This year your donation of $25.00 will give you access to our one-hour LIVESTREAM program on Saturday, October 17th from 7-8 pm and will automatically enter you in our drawing for one of three great prizes drawn on the 17th.  The program will include:

· Speakers

· Our traditional Mission-Based Auction

· Music

· Video highlights from this extraordinary year.


In addition, you will receive links to all pre-event activities including our Online Auction and Social Media activities that will begin the week of October 5th. 


Most importantly, you will be providing vital support for RTT’s clients, horses and programs during these unprecedented times. 


Thank you!

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