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Percheron Mare

The biggest horse at the farm, Abby was born in 2001 and has been at RTT since November 2019. She has lots of previous training in carriage driving, trail riding, and dressage. Abby is a confident and comfortable driving horse and looks so fancy when in harness. She is a sensitive and responsive riding horse that can help more advanced riders practice their skills.



Morgan Cross Mare

The oldest horse in the RTT herd, Babe is a bay mare born way back in the 1980’s yet still has a spunky personality and big movement. Over the years, Babe has given many kids and adults their first ride and helped countless others become independent riders. Babe’s favorite treat is applesauce!



Paint/Draft Cross Gelding

Captain was purchased for the program in August of 2022 and immediately took to his new ‘job’. A former trail horse and lesson horse, Captain is a pro at Western and English alike, is calm yet very responsive under saddle, and is a smooth and steady ride for all. Captain is a big boy, and his wide base is excellent for helping riders keep their balance, yet he is not too tall for side-walkers. Captain can often be found snuggling with the volunteers that clean his paddock!



Welsh Cob/Haflinger Cross Gelding

Born in 2012, Flynn is the youngest in the RTT herd and is also the newest addition! Flynn has a lot to learn about the world of therapeutic riding and driving, and he has come a long way since his arrival in November of 2019. He has proven to be a quiet and responsive driving pony, and enjoys teaching riders how to walk, trot, and canter. He also loves all the games that we play and going out on the trails.



Rocky Mountain Saddle Horse Gelding

Merlin joined the RTT herd in July of 2022 as a free lease. He has previous training in dressage and jumping and also has experience as a lesson horse. He is a big, handsome guy with a shiny black coat and long, wavy mane and a very polite personality to go along with it. Merlin is great for emerging independent riders as well as riders that need a little more support. We are so happy to have him at RTT!



Warmblood Cross Mare

Paxton was born in 1998, and has been at the farm since the summer of 2017. Paxton has extensive previous training as a dressage and eventing horse, and even competed in the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky. Paxton loves teaching riders new skills, and is friendly, curious and affectionate. Paxton particularly appreciates being rewarded with treats by her riders!



Icelandic Mare

Aradis (whose name is Icelandic for ‘keeper of the eagles’) was born in 2005 and raised on a farm in Maine with a herd of other Icelandic horses. She has training in dressage and is an accomplished trail horse. Riders love Aradis’ tolt, which is a very smooth gait and faster than the walk. Aradis is as sweet and gentle as they come, loves to be groomed, and loves to play with her pasture mate, Flynn. She was donated to RTT in the summer of 2021.



Morgan Mare

Also known as “Miss B”, Beloved was born in 2002 and is a unique color of liver chestnut. She may have a quick gait, but she is calm and steady and sweet as can be. She is a pro at teaching beginner and advanced riders alike and has had a lot of previous training in dressage. Beloved loves to be groomed!



Pinto Pony Gelding

Champ was born in 2002 and has been at RTT since 2015 as a "free lease." He has a wonderful background in both driving and riding. His small stature is overshadowed by his huge personality! He loves to play games and make kids laugh with his bouncy trot and mischievous behavior.



Quarter Horse Gelding

Lucky was born in 2006 and has been at RTT since October of 2018. Lucky’s previous training was mostly on the trails, and it shows by how much he loves taking his riders out on our trails. Lucky is a natural at his new job as a therapy horse, with a very sensitive nature and a keen sense for who is on his back. He can be steady and predictable or provide just the right challenge for those that are up for it. Whether nuzzling a participant during a ground lesson or playing mounted games, Lucky is a great addition to the RTT herd.



Quarter Horse

Orion was born in 1991 and has been at RTT longer than any other horse on the property. Over his years as a therapy horse, Orion has gained much confidence and is quite the teacher. He is aware of who is on his back and challenges them appropriately. He is known for his steady gait, calm energy, and patience. He is particularly animated on the long lines, and loves his pasture mates, Lucky and Luke



Quarter Horse Mare

Ari, an 8-year-old Quarter Horse, arrived in May. She belongs to instructor, Lisa Messina, and is going through training to become a therapeutic riding horse. We expect to see Ari in more and more lessons!



Clydesdale/New Foundland Pony Cross Gelding

Buddy was born in 1993 and is a founding member of RTT’s driving program. He has a previous career as a competitive driving horse and has taught many students, volunteers, and instructors the basics. Buddy is also a star in our hippotherapy program as he is calm and accepting of toys, noise, and lots of people around him.



Haflinger Gelding

Dream arrived in early June, and he has quickly worked his way into our hearts -- and into the RTT lesson schedule! Dream, a 16-year-old Haflinger, comes to RTT with a great deal of training. While the world of therapeutic riding is new to him, we are constantly impressed with his kindness, curiosity and desire to work with his riders



Tennessee Walker Gelding

Max arrived at RTT in May of 2021 for his trial period, and quickly won the hearts of all with his friendly, inquisitive temperament, his big walk, and his ability to adapt to all levels of riders. He has been a favorite at camp this summer! Max was born in 2000, and has experience in dressage, hunter paces, trails, and trips to the beach. We are happy to keep Max on as a free lease!



Welsh Cross Gelding

Oscar was born in 2000 and as an older boy, he comes to us with a lot of experience. Our newest herd member, he arrived in September of 2022 from a therapeutic riding and hippotherapy program in Pennsylvania. He is here on free lease and is happy to be in Maine and closer to his family. Oscar has settled right in and is already a star in our NIH research program.


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