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Riding To The Top offers a variety of partial-day programs. Each camp session is designed to meet the needs of targeted age groups and skill levels and is open to existing participants and newcomers. We welcome you to join us for one week of camp or many! Over the course of most camp weeks, participants ride or drive daily with a focus on the full equine experience - from grooming and tacking to caring for horses through daily tasks. For older participants, we also offer unmounted barn camp, where campers are in charge of daily horse care for our herd. Camps also include arts and crafts, games, team building, and other fun learning activities!


2021 Camp Dates 


June 28 - July 1: Barn Camp - Unmounted 

Get to know all of our horses a little better! Learn about the day-to-day care of our herd. Feed, give baths, and learn all about horse care! Ages 12-15.

July 12 - 15: All Things Horses

Ride every day and improve your skills. Campers will get a chance to ride a variety of horses and truly do it all, from tacking up to giving baths! Ages 9-15: intermediate riders (emerging independence at walk and trot)

July 19 - 22: Beginner Camp 

Ride, learn about horses, and do horse-related crafts and activities! A great opportunity for younger siblings!  Ages 5-10: Beginning riders.

July 26 - 29: Service Camp - Unmounted

Work with others to accomplish projects around the farm to help horses and humans! Ages 12-15

August 2 - 5: Horsemanship Camp

Learn more about how we work with horses both in the saddle and from the ground. This camp focuses on understanding and improving horse-rider communication. Ages 9-15: intermediate riders.


August 9 - 12: Teamwork Camp

Work with others and build social skills among equine friends! Accomplish tasks around the farm and develop riding, driving, and horsemanship skills with other kids.  Ages 8-12.


Camps will run Monday-Thursday from 9am-1pm.  Register by June 15th!

Call 207-892-2813 x10 or email for more information.

Covid-19 safety precautions will be followed. Group sizes will be limited. Programming will be primarily outdoors.