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Riding To The Top Celebrates Volunteers at “Curbside” Event

Riding To The Top Celebrates Volunteers at “Curbside” Event”

COVID-19 did not stop Riding To The Top from celebrating the contributions of its mighty volunteer team. Originally, RTT planned to hold a large barbeque on the shores of Sebago Lake, but this year’s celebration was configured into a smaller “curbside” event at the farm. On Tuesday, June 23rd, RTT staffers gathered (physically distanced of course!), decorated and rallied to show appreciation for the Center’s 160+ volunteers. In 2019 alone, volunteers at Riding To The Top contributed over 11,000 hours in service valued at over $254,320. Volunteers at RTT work in the barn, in lessons with clients, exercise horses, repair and maintain the facilities and help with trail improvements. Volunteers also serve on the Board of Directors, on committees and work at fundraising events.

Executive Director, Sarah Bronson noted that “RTT volunteers have been an integral part of the organization since it was founded by volunteers in 1993 and they continue to be the heart of the organization.” She added that volunteers save the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Volunteer Coordinator, Nick Doria, stated “While we missed gathering for our larger celebration this year, we were glad to have been able to thank and recognize the people who did so much for RTT last year.”

This year, 27 RTT volunteers received The President’s Volunteer Service Award:

Bronze Level Awardees (Adult 100-249 hours/Young Adult 100-174 hours): Christine Blackadar, Jo Blinick, Early Bonney, Gradeigh Cameron, Janis Childs, Susan Courson, Cindy Elder, Barbara Foster, Trish Friant, Stacie Hamilton Waldron, Margi Huber, Cathy Kelso, Fran Maxwell, Nancy Robinson and Laura Rochette.

Silver Level Awardees (250 to 499 hours/Young Adult 175-249 hours):

Mark Fuller, Julia Hamilton, Sarah Miller, Jodi Peasley, Clayton Peters, Ashley Reed, Bryony Urquhart and Liz Wood.

Gold Level Awardees (500 or more hours/Young Adult 250 or more hours): Lina Jordan, Dan Morabito, Pat Niboli and Patty Shaw

In addition, special recognition of outstanding service to RTT included: Stacie Hamilton Waldron (Volunteer of the Year); Ashley Reed and Lilly Towle (Youth/Young Adult Volunteers of the Year); Melissa and Eric Prime (Administrative Volunteers of the Year); Susan Layton (Lesson Rookie of the Year Award); Jack DiPaola (Barn Rookie of the Year Award); Trina Bellavance (Volunteer Schooler Award) and Maureen Mathieu (Barn Volunteer of the Year).

RTT also recognized the following for outstanding contributions:

  • Under The Covers Band: (Volunteer Group of the Year )

  • Windham Knights of Columbus: (Volunteer Civic Group of the Year)

  • Headlight Audio-Visual: (Corporate Partner of the Year)

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