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In 2021 began participation in a NIH funded research study that is examining the physiological changes in children with autism in two groups—a therapeutic riding group and a barn activity (control) group. This a 5 year, multi-site study being done in conjunction with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus and Hearts and Horses, a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center located in Loveland, Colorado. In Maine, RTT is partnering with researchers at Maine Behavioral Health. RTT successfully ran 6 cohorts of participants through the study from June 2021 through November of 2022. Colorado will complete their data collection during 2023 and in 2024, RTT will be actively engaged in reviewing the results and write-ups for publication. RTT is extraordinarily proud to be part of this study!

We thank the volunteers and businesses who are supporting RTT’s role in this important research.

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“This study is exciting because it’s not often we have a chance to try to understand why something works.”     

MMCRI Faculty Scientist Mathew Siegel, M.D

 “We are honored be involved in this ground breaking research.”

RTT Executive Director Sarah Bronson, PT

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