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November 2022 Masking Update

As we continue to navigate our way amidst ongoing outbreaks of COVID infections, RTT is committed to keeping everyone at the farm as safe as possible. As we enter the winter months, we know that the incidence of COVID infections will likely increase. That being said, we would like to enter a phase of more relaxed masking.

  • We are still asking people to be prepared to mask by carrying a mask with them or picking one up when you come in the building.

  • If you are “passing through,” going to the bathroom, stopping in for a quick question, etc. you do not need to mask.

  • If you are in the grooming area where ventilation is quite good, you do not need to wear a mask.

  • Outside and in the barn, you do not need to wear a mask.

  • We strongly encourage anyone who is going to be in close contact with others (<6 feet, for more than 15 minutes) to wear a mask. This is especially true for anyone side walking (less so for horse leading). Many of our clients, volunteers and staff are in higher risk categories for complications from COVID and we want to keep everyone as healthy as possible.

As always, please be kind and considerate when around others, and if asked to wear a mask, please comply. My deepest thanks to everyone who has kept the farm healthy these past few years—which in turn has meant that our doors have remained opened for programming!

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