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RTT Mask Update June 2021

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

In keeping with the recently issued CDC mask guidance, RTT requires that if you are not fully vaccinated to please wear a mask. Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask when they are working independently or with groups of fully vaccinated individuals in outdoor or indoor spaces. This includes the barn, paddocks, private offices, the grooming area and indoor arena.


· If any member of the immediate team is not vaccinated (Client, Horse Leader, Side Walker) all members of that team are required to wear a mask.

· This summer, we will begin Phase VI of reopening which will include individuals who need a Horse Leader and two Side Walkers. Some of these clients may not be able to be vaccinated and may not be able to wear a mask for medical/behavioral reasons. We will ask that only fully vaccinated people volunteer in these lessons.

· If ALL members of the team are fully vaccinated and adults and/or parents/guardians are able to consent on behalf of their child, masks may be removed.

· During mounts/dismounts of children and individuals who are not vaccinated, instructors will be masked.

· Please always have a mask on your person when at the farm.

· Volunteers who have questions or concerns, please speak with Nick.

In indoor spaces, when traveling in hallways, in private offices or passing briefly through (e.g. the tack room) masks do not need to be worn by those who are vaccinated.

In the Front Office, we ask that people stay masked.

Most importantly, we ask that everyone be kind and respectful regarding masking. We are all doing our best to keep everyone at the farm healthy! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me ( or 892-2813, X12)

Thank you!


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